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"bet you didn't see this coming" CD 2006

Image of "bet you didn't see this coming" CD 2006


To get an idea of the evolution Mrs. Skannotto has made, this 2006 CD is a must have. The CD marks the first release by the band after their relocation to Rochester, NY. While incorporating new re-releases of "T.V." and "Can't Find the Words", this album contains new classics such as "I'd sleep with you but...", "Rockstar Burnout" and a skawesome cover of "Just What I Needed"!

Track Listing:
1. intro
2. rockstar burnout
3. i'd sleep with you but...
4. t.v. for your head
5. the dance
6. road rage
7. don't hide
8. can't find the words
9. some dude
10. tragedy song
11. overplayed
12. i wish i was batman
13. just what i needed
14. outtro