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"The Long Dark Road" CD 2010

Image of "The Long Dark Road" CD 2010


The band's most successful recording to date. It includes crowd favorites such as; "The Other Man", "Self Appointed King", "Girl Comeback", and the album title track, "The Long Dark Road". The album can be found on iTunes and CD Baby.

"The Long Dark Road" is Mrs. Skannotto's 5th album and represents an "arrival" of sorts. This newest release is marked by a slightly heavier, darker, and more hard-rock based sound. As a whole, the album's tracks hit on all corners of the ska map, mixing some reggae tunes and some light ska tunes in with a bunch of catchy and hard-hitting indie/hard rock ska tunes. Hinting at bands like The Suicide Machines and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones to Sublime, "The Long Dark Road" takes on a unique tone and feel. There literally is something for everyone on this album, with powerful horn melodies, thumping bass lines, commanding vocals, hard-hitting and dynamic drums, and scorching guitar work. Check it out, you won't be sorry...but you may get hooked!"

Track Listing:
1. The Other Man
2. Girlfriend
3. Long Dark Road
4 Smashed Against The Wall
5. Ordinary Girl
6. Girl Come Back
7. Self-Appointed King
8. Get Off The Fence
9. Time To Play
10. Mainstream
11. Finally Happy
12. The 86th Floor